"Camper of the Month"

October's Camper of the Month!

The Carrigan Family!

Here at Susquehanna RV, our customers are like family. And what family doesn't share vacation photos? We want to see a picture of you and your family at your campsite with the new or pre-enjoyed RV you bought from us. Whether its just the two of you or a whole family, we want to see the pictures that embody the spirit of RV camping and fun. So we've started the "Camper of the Month" contest just for you, our customers, our family.

Here's How it Works:

Send us your picture with you and/or your family at your campsite WITH your RV you bought from us. 

Pictures will be collected all month each month

On the 1st of the next month, the winner will be chosen and put up on the website

Example: You entered your picture in the month of August, the winner is chosen on the 1st of September and is then camper of the month for the month of September.

Deadline is the last day of the month you are entering. If the last day lands on a national holiday that we are closed, entries are due the day before we are closed for said holiday. (keep an eye out on our site during the week of a holiday to find out when we are closed)

How to Enter:

1. Email us your picture depending on which location you bought from:

Selinsgrove Location: photofun@susqrv.com

Bloomsburg Location: campfirefun@funrvcamping.com

2. You MUST include the following things in your email to be considered:

                a. Subject line must read "Our Campsite"

                b. You MUST state that you DO or DO NOT give us consent to use your                         picture on our website and Facebook. (You can not be chosen as a                           winner unless consent is given).

                c. Make sure your name is in the email so we can give credit where it is                       due (Ex: Mary Jones - The Jones Family).    

                d. Make of your RV (i.e. Grey Wolf, Jayco, Carriage, etc.)

                 e. Where the picture was taken (what campground,etc.) This is                                     optional

NOTE: The same picture (or a different one) can be submitted in different months but you may only submit ONE picture per FAMILY per MONTH. Those found to be duplicates will be disqualified. You must also submit your picture each month you wish to enter. One picture sent in one month will not be a permanent entry for the following months. 

If you are our winner, we will notify you through the email that your picture was submitted from.

Any additional questions can be directed to messaging us on our Facebook page HERE