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Appliance Diagnostics and Repair: We offer repairs on pretty much any appliance you can think of that your unit has. Such as the unit refrigerator, microwave, oven, water heater, water pumps, etc.

Water Damage Repair: We can make repairs to water damaged areas, including the general toil limited maintenance places on a unit. We’re ready to repair wall panels, ceiling panels, roofing and insulation. We can do rebuilds and replacements.

Metal Siding Replacement: We offer total removal and reinstallation of unit siding.

PA State Inspection: Pennsylvania requires vehicle safety inspections to ensure that vehicles are maintained for safe operation. Susquehanna RV is able to offer you this inspection for your camper, or trailer.

Winterizing: The winterization of lines and tanks. We also offer tire inspection and air pressure checks; as well as minor roof sealant touchup.  We also offer Summerizing Services to reverse the winterizing process.

AC Replacement: We are able to diagnose and replace all makes, models and brands of RV air conditioners.

Tire Replacement: Total diagnosis and replacement of tires.

Full Roof Replacement: Total removal and reinstallation of all fixtures, rubber membrane and decking if needed.

Awning Replacement: We test for proper tension and alignment issues do to the general wear and tear the seasons bring.

Electrical System Repair: We offer control board diagnosis of all general electrics in your unit.

Bearing Repack: Cleaning and inspecting bearings. We offer new seal installation and break line checks.